Into our 2nd year

Well we have made it through our 2nd tourism blitz time of Christmas, New Year and Australia Day. It is wonderful to go home at night worn out from a busy day but knowing that the benefits are all yours. Thank you to all the people who came along in such great spirits over the holiday period, we were up 40% on last year so the secret is getting out!

Valentine’s Day was a great success too, with our tandem bikes enjoyed by loving couples who, for the day, were willing to work together and experience the buzz (no pun intended) of riding an electric bike.

The Noosa River in this quiet time is at its best, there are thousands of fish around the jetty, from the minute to the 30 cm plus size, pop down if you are in town and toss some food to the Bream or just watch the spectacle of schooling fish.

Thanks to The Great South East who replayed our story with them and increase our numbers greatly. We have also been filmed by a new boating show for their pilot, so watch this space.

Come and hire a boat while the river is not so busy, it is when our little vessels really come into their own. If not book early for Easter.

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