Boat Hire

Eco friendly electric boats to explore the Noosa River

We believe boating should be pleasurable and to achieve this, the boat must be comfortable. Our eco-friendly electric boats are just this, with wrap around cushioned seating and ample shade under the large canopy, guests can enjoy an experience on the Noosa River like no other.  With no engine noise you can enjoy conversation with family and friends or simply relax to the smooth sound of the water passing by. Zero emissions also mean no fumes, meaning your palette will be fresh to enjoy lunch and a crisp drink. Truely sustainable, these boats will help you to feel good about your boating with little to no impact on the environment. Experience the difference.

The most stylish boats available for hire on the Noosa River, our vessels can be used for special occasions as easily as a family day out. So book now, or contact us to discuss how we van make your occasion truely special.