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Duffy Boats


A brief history of Duffy electric boats

b&w01Marshal ‘Duffy’ Duffield founded the Duffy Electric Boat Company at age 19 when he placed a motor from a second hand golf buggy into the hull of an old motor boat.

Based in Newport Beach, California, Duffy revived the use of electric motors in boats when he started mass producing the refined version of his original idea in 1968. Duffy Boats has produced over 10,000 of its unique style of electric boat and there are around 300 being produced each year. www.duffyboats.com

Malu Os Eco Boat Hire Noosa is showing the Sunshine Coast community how suited these clean and green boats are to this environment. The joy of traveling in a boat that makes virtually no noise and produces no fumes is seen on the faces of all that try it.

Come and hire a boat from Malu Os Eco Boat Hire Noosa and be a continuing part of the history of these clever and unique vessels.



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