Nauticycle Water Bikes


Get further, easier on a Nauticycle water bike.

We’re not alone in thinking our Nauticycles are awesome, people tell us the same thing every time they come back. If you can ride a bike, or even if you can’t, then you can ride one of these. Safe and stable, a Nauticycle lets you get out and enjoy cycling without the worry of cars and traffic. These quality water bikes let you explore the Noosa River with ease. Riders stay dry unless they choose to jump off, which most do at some point to enjoy a swim in the river. Pack a snack and let a friend relax on the front while you head out to the sand banks near the river mouth and find your own little piece of paradise. Cool off then cruise leisurely back, it’s cycling and boating at the same time. Or maybe you’re looking for a training alternative? Put on the lycra, grab your water bottle and set Strava, the opportunities are endless.